Acupuncture and How it Works


Acupuncture is part of a complete body of medicine that has been utilized continuously in Asia for over 2000 years.  Acupuncture is used by nearly one-third of the world as a primary health care system.  The fundamental principles of acupuncture are to treat the person as an integrated whole in body, mind, and spirit, and to remedy the root cause of illness, not only the symptoms. 

Acupuncture is based on the movement of vital energy that circulates along unseen lines of energy, called meridians, that traverse the body.  When this energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee’), is blocked, disease may arise.  When Qi is abundant and moving freely, the body maintains health.

There are approximately 360 acupuncture points used to influence Qi.  Sterile, stainless-steel needles the width of a human hair are inserted at specific points on the body that correspond with the channels of energy through which Qi flows.  By manipulating the needles, blockages can be removed, thus promoting free flow of Qi and allowing the body to heal itself.


acupuncture chart