What To Expect During Treatment


What should I expect during treatment?

Initial visits take approximately 90 minutes and include a thorough past medical intake, examination, consultation and treatment plan.  This is followed by a  thirty to sixty minute treatment.   Follow-up treatments last thirty to sixty minutes.

Acupuncture needles are very thin, so the sensation felt upon insertion is minimal. When the needle is manipulated, a unique sensation signaling the arrival of Qi may be felt.  This is sometimes described as dull and achy, and is usually followed by increased relaxation and comfort.  Most people find acupuncture treatments pleasant experiences, and describe feeling calmer yet more energetic in the days following treatment. 

Techniques that may supplement the acupuncture treatment include:  herbs,  moxibustion (heat applied gently with mugwart herb), cupping, gua sha (a traditional scraping technique), massage and acupressure.

acupuncture treatment